Furthering development

IMMAFA is focused on developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level, driving the development of common sets of rules, safety regulations, structure, mutual exchanges and so forth. MMA is no different from other sports and for it to keep growing there is a need to support and highlight the grass root movement of recreational athletics as well as create possibilities for a world class elite sports movement.

Furthering recognition

IMMAFA is focused on working towards gaining formal and informal Australia wide recognition for the sport of MMA. Formal recognition is needed on every level – local, regional, national to be credible on a global stage.

Our vision is for Mixed Martial Arts to be recognized as a sport and ultimately become an Olympic sport.

Becoming an Olympic sport is the ultimate achievement and highest formal recognition possible for any sport. Hence that is what the IMMAFA will strive towards. We see that the challenges for MMA are great today, but so are the opportunities, and the IMMAF and IMMAFA should not have any lesser ambition for MMA than this.

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