The IMMAFA is a non for profit, sports association with a sole aim to develop MMA in Australia, where development includes association with training, coaching, international competition and ranking.  As a new organisation in Australia, the IMMAFA is seeking to affiliate with clubs that share our passion for MMA and bring them under the IMMAFA umbrella.  The IMMAF internationally promotes many MMA amateur competitions (European Championships, Asia Pacific, World Championships etc).  If Australian athletes want to compete at this level, we need to establish an affiliated network in Australia.

Affiliation is simple.  The IMMAFA is the governing body for amateur MMA in Australia, and we are sanctioned by the IMMAF.  We ask that interested clubs obtain a user account through the IMMAF coordination site My Next Match. On its own, this tool offers great club value – and its free for Australian clubs that wish to affiliate.

With an account for My Next Match, navigate to the IMMAFA My Next Match Page, affiliate your club and then affiliate any players you want to be eligible for international amateur ranking and/ or representing Australia.

Club invitation letter for IMMAFA Affiliation